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Your Twice-yearly Check-up at Q Dental Manly

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Scheduling a bi-annual check-up with our family-friendly Manly West dental practice helps you to maintain great oral health. Not only does it allow our dental professionals to regularly ensure you aren’t developing any new cavities or infections, but it also helps to prevent more invasive (and therefore, more expensive) treatments down the line. Having a dental check-up every six months isn’t just optimal for maintaining your smile, it’s also beneficial for your long-term budget too!

What to Expect

Patients are advised to allow approximately 45 minutes for their check-up appointment. During this time, our dentist will assess your oral health, including your teeth and gums. The second stage of the check-up involves having any plaque, stain, and tartar build-up cleaned away, revealing a healthier and more beautiful smile. In order to assess those less visible areas of the mouth, such as around the roots or in-between the teeth, our dentist may also request Diagnostic X-rays.

If our dentist discovers you require further treatment, we’ll present you with a personalised treatment plan outlining all of your available options and associated costs.

We also embrace trusted preventative techniques such as sealants, cleanings, fluoride, and other resources to reduce your risk of dental issues including gum disease, sensitivity, cavities, or untimely tooth loss.

Caring for your Smile

Along with attending regular, bi-annual dental check-ups, there are some additional things you should keep in mind to maintain good oral health:

Brush at least twice daily, for a duration of two minutes each. Ensure your toothpaste contains fluoride and focus on cleaning just one or two teeth at a time. Don’t forget to brush along your gumlines too to help prevent gum disease.

Use floss to clean between each tooth. This includes the side-by-side areas where teeth touch, as well as just under the gumlines. For those who find flossing to be a little difficult, you can also try using a water flosser instead.

Experiencing any worrisome symptoms? Let us know immediately. If you start to suffer from tooth sensitivity, or symptoms such as tender or bleeding gums, be sure to let us know. Diagnosing these issues early can allow for less-invasive treatment.

Our Manly West Practice Keeps Your Smile in Perfect Shape

When was the last time you visited our Manly West dentist? Contact us today to schedule your six-month check-up!

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