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Affordable Dentures in Manly West

Dentures Manly WestThe dentures we provide at Q Dental Manly aren’t just modern and comfortable, they’re also affordable too. We offer a wide range of dental appliances to correct and conceal a variety of dental concerns.

Peter Fuller is our experienced, on-site prosthetist who specialises in helping patients get their perfect fit. Thanks to the on-site laboratory at our sister practice in Mt Gravatt, we are able to provide high-quality, trusted, and custom-made devices.

If you require additional treatment such as teeth extraction or surgery prior to your new dentures being fitted, we can also perform this on-site whilst offering a variety of sedation methods to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

At our practice, we go above and beyond to provide quality care and support to our Manly West patients. That’s why we offer additional extras such as a car pickup service to help making visits to our office even easier. In special circumstances, we can even arrange a bedside visit to ensure no patient misses out on our exceptional services.

What Does Denture Treatment Involve?

During your appointment, we will take a dental impression before performing any tooth extractions as necessary. We’ll also provide you with a temporary denture to aid with your mouth’s healing process. Additionally, our experts will talk you through the procedures whilst ensuring you know how to correctly care for your gums as they heal.

Our lab technicians can also offer you a comfortable and sturdy clasp solution to guarantee your temporary dentures fit firmly to your remaining teeth, whilst ensuring they are not visible when you smile.

Implant Supported Dentures

In the past, dental patients have been unsatisfied with denture stability. That’s why we offer implant supported dentures, as they provide a remarkably strong and durable solution to this issue. To hold your denture securely in place, you’ll require as little as two, to a maximum of four implants. Our team of dental experts will talk you through your wide range of options.

Our company’s very own lab allows dental technicians to liaise directly with your Prosthetist, creating custom-made results which are perfect for achieving a smile you adore.

Q Dental Manly Helps You Smile with Confidence Again

Are you interested in correcting your smile with affordable dentures? Don’t wait any longer! Schedule your consultation with us today.


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