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Endodontic Therapy at Q Dental Manly

Extractions and Root CanalsAt Q Dental Manly, our team of dental experts provide comprehensive services that are hard to find elsewhere. Our aim is to ensure our patients’ treatment is both effective and affordable, guaranteeing they always remain at ease in our care.

Just some of the services we provide at our all-in-one dental practice include root canals (endodontic therapy) and in-house extractions, both of which we specialise in.

Does Your Tooth Require Root Canal Therapy?

While some patients may be fearful of endodontic treatment, we can assure you that root canals are not as intimidating as some initially think. The procedure simply involves the affected tooth’s nerve and pulp being removed, before the area is cleaned and sealed. The treatment not only aims to save the tooth, but it also prevents the tissue surrounding the tooth from becoming infected.

You may require endodontic therapy if your tooth has:

  • A cavity so large it has extended into the nerve
  • A potential abscess
  • Past tooth trauma which has led to excessive decay
  • Severe pain and discomfort

Once a tooth has undergone root canal therapy, we then place a crown over it to protect your tooth’s structure from further erosion, since it will be particularly prone to wear.

Gentle Dental Extractions

In some cases, we will be unable to treat a tooth with endodontic therapy, in which case, the tooth must be extracted. This treatment doesn’t just alleviate pain, but also prevents infection from spreading to other areas within your mouth, saving you additional discomfort.

Does your tooth require gentle extraction? Here are some symptoms which may necessitate removal of the tooth:

  • Severe pain
  • Excessive tooth decay which is beyond repair
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Wisdom teeth presenting problems
  • Fractured roots

Should you require an extraction, our team will ensure you remain as comfortable and pain-free as possible during the treatment. Once the affected tooth has been removed, we also ensure its health and longevity with a replacement solution such as a bridge or implant to perfect your smile again. Without this additional treatment, the teeth adjacent to the missing one may drift out of place.
Through replacing the extracted tooth, we help you achieve a beautiful smile, whilst also improving the function of your overall bite.

Manly West Root Canals and Extractions

Are you a candidate for endodontic therapy or gentle dental extractions? Schedule an appointment with us today to find out how we can help you achieve your most beautiful and healthy smile.


Extractions and Root Canals- Q Dental Manly