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Manly West Dental Fillings You Can Trust

Dental FillingsAs your local and trusted Manly West dental practice, we take great care in ensuring we only use materials of the highest quality when providing restorative dental treatment. When it comes to fillings, we refuse to use traditional, metal restorations, and instead embrace composite blends which match to your tooth colour. Not only are these fillings aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also durable, helping to strengthen your tooth’s structure in the process.

We believe ceramic restorations are particularly ideal for patients who have an old silver filling that needs replacing, or who believe they have a dental cavity.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

At Q Dental Manly, we use two different types of dental fillings. Although both match the natural colour of your tooth, the specific type of filling we use is determined by things such as the size of the cavity, as well as its location. We discuss each of these in detail below.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass Ionomer is a material used in some of the most popular types of tooth-coloured fillings. This is because the microscopic glass beads found in the material bonds effectively with your tooth, preventing the need to ‘pack’ the filling into the cavity, much like the traditional metal fillings require. Other benefits of Glass Ionomer fillings include the fact that they’re perfect for treating cavities near sensitive gum tissues, plus they’re beneficial for assisting with larger areas of decay.

While this material is available in several shades to match your unique tooth colour, it isn’t quite as aesthetically effective as white fillings, therefore we more commonly use Glass Ionomer in teeth towards the back of your mouth.

White Fillings

White fillings are very common in restorative treatment, as they require less tooth preparation, and blend perfectly with your enamel. Not only are they perfect for using on any tooth within your mouth, but the composite material’s wide range of shades means we can match the colour perfectly to your tooth. This makes white fillings ideal from an aesthetic and structural viewpoint!

Cosmetic Bonding and White Fillings

When dealing with cosmetic dental issues such as broken or chipped teeth, we use composite. This is because the material can bond to smoother tooth surfaces, making it ideal for this type of treatment. This process is also more straight-forward and affordable when compared to other methods of substantial cosmetic treatment.

Q Dental Manly Uses High-quality Materials for Your Perfect Smile

Do you have a traditional metal filling that needs replacing, or fear a new cavity is developing? Contact us today to schedule a check-up with our dental professionals. We’ll discuss our various restorative treatments, so you can select the best choice for your unique smile.


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